Apple iOS 10.1 is all set to surprise you a bit

Apple iOS 10.1 is all set to surprise you a bit
iOS 10

Apple iOS 10.1

There is so much buzz about Apple iOS 10.1…it definitely is big news. But what it has in its pocket is a secret feature. Even when this “secret” feature is no longer a “secret” anymore (the news is spreading like fire), we still call it a nasty little surprise by Apple Inc.

So what is it? Let’s start digging in, shall we?

It is said that Apple IOS 10.1 is all set to delete the Health Data of Apple users. There are endless arguments about this on social media and a lot of apple users are whining on this as well. So what is the story behind this? It is as straight as this; once you update your iPhone to IOS 10.1, your entire health data will be lost. That data might have your sleep, nutrition or workout record but all of it goes in the air, once you update to IOS 10.1. What else can add the cherry on top of the cake? All the reboots you do or the factory resets won’t help you bring that data back. So it will be as good as buried and gone forever.

As the complaints and arguments are increasing, Apple might think about getting the data back with a reset or by fixing the bugs in IOS 10.1. But it is unsure at the moment that this will be happening OR NOT. At the time being, many Apple health data apps are also sending in notifications to their users, to NOT update to IOS 10.1 right now as this will remove their entire data.

This development or nasty surprise or maybe a bug (GOD KNOWS WHAT) is one of the biggest bad news for the Apple Watch owners as well. Health records are one of the biggest features of the Apple watch and to be honest, majority of people have bought it due to health features.

About Security

But here is the twist in the plot…if you are thinking that you are OKAY with not updating to IOS 10.1; you are wrong. WHY? It is said repeatedly that any iPhone or iPod that does not update to IOS 10.1 is open to the vulnerability of being hacked. Yes, some great security fix is found in IOS 10.1. Even nastier thing is that your so called extraordinary iPhone can be hacked as easily by viewing an image of PDF file. This is as simple as you visiting any webpage through your Safari.

S0 without me saying it out aloud; this does put the Apple health users in a big dilemma. Should they update to IOS 10.1 or should they leave their iPhone open for the hackers? Is it 99% possible that iPhones can be hacked THAT easily now or Apple Inc. just wants its users to switch to the latest update? Well, it is obviously for you to decide whether you want to update your IOS or stick to the old one.


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